Boost Your Return on Relationships with our Virtual Family Office & Advis-ROR™ Methodology

A Holistic Guide to Wealth Management for Accounting Professionals! The science behind integrating services with the human side of behavioral financial advice.

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Why Now

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Profile of a Modern Advis-ROR

A Fulfilling Return on Relationships


Holistic Service Model: Technology Perspective

Future of Advice

Why CPAs Are Best Positioned to Become Financial Advisors

Profile of a Modern Firm

Toward a 21st Century CPA: A Dynamic Vision

Profile of a Modern Firm

Putting the Vision into Practice

Culture & Leadership

In Pursuit of Excellence to Win the Battle for Talent

Round table - Brave New World

Tsunami of M&A, Private Equity, and Wealth Management

Wealth Management & Family Office Services

Incorporating Wealth Management into Your Accounting Practice

Pricing and Value

Raise Rates

Wealth Tech

How WealthTech Is Reshaping the Future of Holistic Advice

AI and Wealth Tech

How Financial Advisors Can Leverage AI to Grow and Protect Revenue

Advice Engagement

Bridging the Advice Gap for Better Financial Futures

Life Insurance & Annuities

Integrating Annuities and Insurance within a Holistic Model

Estate Planning

Trust and Estate Planning for Clients of All Ages

Estate Planning

A Question of Trust

Exit Planning

Advanced Strategies for Helping Business Owners Maximize Their Exit Readiness

Exit Planning

Guiding Business Owners to Success: An Accountant’s Role in Exit Planning

Client Communications

Trust Is the Primary Ingredient: Retention, Loyalty and Growth

Tax Planning

Tax Advisory Services: A Pathway to Greater Financial Freedom

Exit Planning

Opportunities for an M&A advisory practice


Strategies for Integrated Accounting and Wealth Management Services

Change Management

Change execution: “A PACT” for Success

Mental Health

Avoiding Burnout and Prioritizing Your Health

Health Care Planning

Building Stronger Financial Futures with Healthcare Planning

Risk Driving Growth

Helping Clients Manage and Embrace Risk to Set Reasonable Expectations for their Investments

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Frequently Asked Questions

This book is an extensive guide designed to aid professionals in integrating holistic wealth management services into their practice. It provides practical tools like worksheets and self-assessment tests and lays out a roadmap for deepening client relationships by incorporating the human elements of behavioral financial advice.

The book features insights from 24 distinguished leaders across accounting, wealth management, behavioral finance, and technology. These experts guide readers through the process of integrating professional services with personalized advice. Topics covered include holistic financial planning, life insurance and annuities, estate planning, wealth management, exit planning, charitable giving, client communication and much more!

A Virtual Family Office & Advis-ROR™ methodology empowers accounting professionals and financial advisors to integrate tax, accounting, wealth management, exit planning, insurance, and estate planning services into their practice. This holistic approach merges the technical expertise of these domains with the human-centric principles of behavioral financial advice, helping to foster a greater Return on Relationships with clients.

Behavioral financial advice combines financial planning with principles from behavioral economics, social and positive psychology. It acknowledges that financial decisions are not solely logic-based but are influenced by emotions, biases, social context, and personal values. It prioritizes human-centric planning, where advice is tailored to align with individual needs, goals, values, and life circumstances, promoting financial well-being beyond mere wealth accumulation.

We provide multiple pathways tailored to your needs. Join the Advis-ROR™ Club for early access to insightful content and exclusive event updates. With a book purchase, you receive free access to additional resources, including checklists, worksheets, and thought leader interviews. For a more personalized experience, our Elite Partnership offers direct access to our expert team, industry trend training, and priority invitations to exclusive events.

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